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We need an inspiration

Hi , good afternoon everybody 🙂

i’m living that situation when you’re waiting for an inspiration ,and of course i’m waiting for summer vacation to come so i could do what ever i want

any way i just want to do something useful fun and looks good , photography , film making , Art work anything

i’m hoping to develop some of the things i know and i love

i went to London last year and kuala lumpur this year , i was filming some stuff not that kind of filming when you just move your hands around and see what will happen , no ! i have an idea , i chose the scene perfectly,  but today came and i haven’t make the video yet , i know it’s sad because i forgot what did i film :c

also i have an idea for so long , literally SO LONG but i promised my self  I’m going to do it first thing after i finish my finals enshalla

one last thing , if you got inspired , WRITE YOUR IDEA DOWN , before you forget

why i wrote this post: I’ve collected videos that  inspired me and it will keep inspires me every time i watch it,amazing works ,maybe you need this more than i am

some of you will think it’s hard and  the works won’t be that good but you have 2 months vacation coming , DO IT

Enjoy the videos , get inspired , write it down , do it tomorrow 🙂

i really hope my post could help a little.



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