About me


Sara abdulrahman , (aka) Orangery

i came back to update this page, i almost teared up because i mentioned before that I’m a girl who still trying to discover herself ( yet here i am 4 years later and still discovering)

i read books, not like the amount i used to read before but i still read. people see me as a talented painter and photographer. but i don’t. maybe just a little

never stopped asking myself questions, swimming in my thoughts after observing the world and the people around me.

not going to make this long but be aware of the fact that i have a very bad writing skills, like really bad! so yeah



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. رغده says:

    I loved how you described yourself 🙂

  2. zainob says:

    وحششتينا يا قمر
    وين هالغيبات ، ان شاء الله المانع خير

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