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Packed it all

Hello guys

i have decided to post bond Weekly Thoughts for awhile, or i might just stop, i don’t know i haven’t decided yet, i don’t think my life is interesting at the moment haha, any way, i wanted to share something with you guys

i have a MASSIVE amount of papers and notes, songs lyrics, poetry, drawings and everything will pop in your head right now you name it it’s there

it’s all my memories since middle school which mean between the age of 13 and…..till today

so it took space in my room, to be specific i needed that BIG drawer, so i went to Ikea ( of course ) got me three boxes ( apparently i needed more than three) and then put the boxes in my wardrobe.


i won’t list all the things in the boxes of course must of them are personal but why not share the memorable lovely things?

so here it is:


i was this close [ ] to throw it away but i think i needed it to be around, i love drawing on things so! this was one of my mornings coffee two years ago 😀


one of my patients made this, and i loved keeping it around because i wanted her to see how much i liked it, and when i’m done with training i took it home with me 🙂


believe it or not…this is my very first cellphone Ahh good times good times


last box was all about school stuff, notes drawings and exchange MSGs lol so it is very personal but i managed to find something to share 😛

so i noticed something really weird….i have drawings of my class ..no really

i do have same as this one, different year different class different girls and i wasn’t even thinking about it lol it just happened and i just realized that so creepy. lol 😀

any way this is drawing of me and my friends – English class – senior year of high school


also i have joined couple of girls to do this challenge, learn about it Here please promise me to check it out? okay thanks


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what do you collect?


this blog was inspired by my lovely friend Asma  and her post of the things she collect 😀 i wanted to share what i collect even tho i realized i don’t collect so many things

and i have no idea why i collect them it’s just fun to have something to look forward to, seeing my collection getting bigger in front of me, maybe that’s what keeps me going! anyway, here’s what i collect:


Creative bookmarks, i can’t get enough of it and i just started to collect them, also i do control my self ! because if i gave my self the chance….nothing will stop me from buying all the bookmarks in the world 😛


this is the last bookmark i bought, it’s called Finger print, got it from virgin mega store but it’s only work with thick books

Photo Jan 31, 1 23 20 PM

this one called Gimble, it comes in two sizes ! Very good i use it all the time, got it from Amazon but it’s also available at Virgin mega store

Photo Jan 31, 1 22 29 PM

*Nerd Alart haha! harry potter bookmark , i used it for awhile because these kind of bookmarks ruin the paper so i just put it on my shelf next to harry potter’s eyeglasses 😛 got it from hamleys – london but you can find it Here !

Photo Jan 31, 1 20 12 PMIMG_20130130_165854

i got both of them from virgin mega store! ( wow i just realized why i go to that store in the first place lol )

anyway they both ruined the paper i don’t use them that much! but they look cool so it’s okay 😛


Bottle top…it’s kinda embarrassing when i go to someone’s house and i wait for the chance to hide it in my bag! so yea it’s obsession 😛

by the way i took the picture of Pepsi top because it’s the only Pepsi in my collection! coke all the way 😀

Photo Jan 31, 1 21 08 PM

and i do want to do something useful or fun with it! i’ll keep collecting and see 😀


Pigeon feather, even though I HATE PIGEONS! But the feather is so beautiful! And I thought of coloring it and hang it somewhere but I guess I need more 😀


so.. here’s my collection and of course i collect mugs but i was too lazy to take a good pictures so i might post it later 😀

share your collection of the things you collect

– Sara

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