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Is money everything?

i have recently started a new job and the idea of quitting crosses my mind once every hour. but the only thing that keeps me going 1) the experience 2) getting out of my comfort zone. 3) Money. so it won’t happen anytime soon. i hope. and i have been wondering if money was one of the main reasons to wake up in the morning, what if i don’t have to work for it? what if i have all the money i want? what will i end up dong? so i asked people randomly on Path and twitter just to have like a general idea what motivate people to work and earn some money, what they are going to do if they have a good amount of money, and to inspire me to write this blog post.

so my question was: If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?

I’ve received couple of pretty creative inspiring answers ,and of course the most common answer is TRAVEL, well, i would probably do the same, if i got the chance to have my own plane and travel everywhere why not! but here, take a look:

  1.  Traveling the world. Kinda cheesy but meh.
  2. I’ll start my own software company ..
  3. Probably, I will work again with less responsibilities.
  4. I’ll build my own art studio and enjoy doing crafts
  5. I would dedicate all my time to volunteer work, there’s nothing more pleasing than selfless deeds and a lot of money :p
  6. بشتري شركتي و اشتغل فيها
  7. Traveling, learning more languages, meeting new people, more hobbies.
  8. Get my master and Ph.D., I would probably establish my own orphan center + center deal with teenagers issues with professional and trustworthy staff + travel the world and spend the rest of my life there, perhaps, that’s my plan for the next 10 years so yup.
  9. أشتري عقارات و مزرعه و أسافر و أصرف على عيالي
  10. افتح مكان مخصص لكبار السن يقضون وقتهم فيه و يشوفون ناس جديدة هناك.
  11. Volunteer work

starting a business on top, and i admire those who work for building themselves from scratch and without any help. hobbies comes next, it made me sad that we spend so much time on doing the things we don’t like/enjoy for the sake of money and an Independence ,while the things we love is on hold forever. and i know how important it is to be Independent, it is life requirement and i also believe that you can still paint, travel and play soccer/tennis if you managed your time (it is true).

these answers made me think about what i might do if i received enough money to never need to work again! let me just say that restarting my own business on the top of my list, traveling comes next: Adventures in Africa and walking around old houses in France, volunteering and helping kids with cancer. last but not least, SPEND ALL MY TIME  FEEDING MY SOUL WITH ART BY VISITING GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS! and the list goes on and on.

but here is another question, is money everything?


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